Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sushi & Western Swing? YES.

YES.  We like sushi.  We like Western Swing.  Why not combine them both into one night of awesome?  That's right.  So when our friends, Mike & Morgen, invited us out... we jumped at it.  Where and who and where you may ask...  In The Raw & Hot Club of Cowtown at Cain's Ballroom .

I'll start with the sushi.  It was pretty good.  While we haven't found sushi as good as our favorite Ichiban in Shreveport, In The Raw is at the top of our list in Tulsa.  I think.  I've only eaten at In The Raw for lunch, and it's a great atmosphere with lots of windows and LIGHT.  Dinner was a different experience.  And by different experience I mean sitting at a table in the DARK.  For a second we seriously considered going out to the truck and getting Shane 's maglight just to read the menu.  We discussed how people would ask us to borrow it all around the restaurant if we did retrieve it.  We decided we didn't want to be that popular.  I'm not complaining, I mean we could see our food and all.  Mike ordered something not on the sushi menu and they made it happen, which was great.  There was also good conversation of course and the service was great.

Next stop.... Cain's!  I love Cain's Ballroom and the history that surrounds it.  My first experience with Cain's didn't exactly resemble the likes of Bob Wills.  lol.  Some friends of mine drove up to see Tegan & Sara .  While I love Tegan & Sarah, the Hot Club of Cowtown made you feel like you were at the "Home of Bob Wills"... which we were.  They played music from that era with an amp from that era.  Some of the fans were even wearing cowboy hats from that era :).    It was great.  While our friends did a little two-stepping, Shane and I are going to have to practice a little at the homefront before we bust a move the next time.  :)  I'm not so coordinated if I don't know what's going on.  What does that mean exactly?  Well I'm all about the shaking it and waving my hands around, but when it comes to the two-steppin' and the walzin'... I need practice, man, and maybe some new cowboy boots....

After we left we made a quick stop at QuikTrip for some tequitos and corn dogs cuz let's face it... I've become a meat and potatoes kinda girl since the boy came along and sushi just doesn't keep me full for more than an hour.

It's my fave about moving here really. :)  Cheap gas, great vanilla cappuccino, and snacks 24/7.

Woops, I hope all my posts don't end with our deep love for QT.

What a great night!


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