Saturday, January 30, 2010

More. Snow. Long. Blog.

So we got all hunkered down... so to speak.  So we got a load of ice, then a load of snow on top of it all in about 24 hours.

These are our burford hollies on the side of our front porch before the snow part of the storm hit.  I love watching the hollies during the winter because they collect the ice and snow just beautifully.

This is our iced over neighborhood.  Pretty much all the trees in Tulsa look like this right now.  Like crystal!

And then it really started snowing!  It snowed for a loooong time.  We went out in the middle of it to drive around, lord don't ask me why... and please don't mind the stray line in the middle of the video... I'm getting my camera lens cleaned this week...

Shane was just driving around the neighborhood... trying to avoid sliding into other cars...

And the next thing I know, this cute little scottish terrier is in my lap in the front seat of the car!  "What?" you may ask...  well we were driving along and this little dog was wondering around in the middle of the street.  It was snowing like crazy and when we stopped the car to look at him, he just stood there and stared at us.  Shane asked what we should do and the next thing I know I'm opening the car door and pulling this snowy wet dog onto my lap!  LOL.  Then I realize he doesn't have a tag with his name on it... oh wait, it was embroidered on his collar!  Thank God!  So Shane is calling the number and no one is answering, and Shane says, "Oh boy.  What have we gotten ourselves into?"  I just laughed nervously and told him to dial the number again.  Finally a woman answered and we took "Sam" to his home.  Poor dog has a beagle brother who teaches him bad tricks, like running around the neighborhood instead of staying in his own yard.  All I have to say is, thank god we didn't get stuck with that dog.  I think Belle would have definitely disowned us.

This is what we came home to.  My poor little car couldn't make it into the driveway, so we just parked it on the side of the street.  This snow was fast and furious.  It just kept getting heavier and heavier.

Saturday it was time to shovel!  Small "problem" though... we only purchased ONE snow shovel.  Ooops!  (hehe)

So it was up to Shane to shovel the driveway.  I personally think he does an awesome job and he's so fast at it too!  The dogs like to help him with this process.  What a couple of maniacs.  They love the snow more than some kids I know!
My favorite house... covered with snow and ice...

My favorite "pod" tree.  It's actually my favorite scotch pine in the world.  LOVE this tree.  Have I told you how I love this tree yet??  :)  At Christmas time, we had it all dolled up like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  

Belle and Brownie LOVE the snow.  Too bad they are limited to the edge of our driveway and can't roam the whole 'hood.  

And did I tell you this all started with an ice storm?  So we have these icicles hanging off our house...
Yes, it's longer than our windows are high.  These were the result of the crazy ice.  I'll be sad when these babies disappear, they're awesome!  

Thus endeth my ice/snow storm bloggeth.... peace.

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