Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cadillac Ranch. Amarillo Part 3

I'll be honest... I'd never even heard of Cadillac Ranch until Shane was suggesting things Michelle and I could do over the weekend.  I didn't really ask him what it was either.  I just took a mental note:  Cadillac Ranch, got it.  Then while Michelle and I were on our way to Palo Duro, she suggested we could go to Cadillac Ranch.  So I gave in.  I asked, "What the heck is Cadillac Ranch?"  She described it as a bunch of old Cadillacs in a field.  In my mind, I pictured hundreds of old Cadillacs.... well preserved, classic Cadillacs.

Sometimes I don't know what's wrong with my mind.  This is what we found instead.  Michelle didn't seem surprised as she has driven by it before.  I, however, was disturbingly confused.  Yeah, that's what I was.  Here is a little background on Cadillac Ranch.  Apparently this Stanley Marsh is kinda crazy and thought it'd be cool to half bury 10 old Cadillacs in a stretch of land he owns.  Okay, whatever floats your boat, man.  He also has a tendency to put weird street signs in random places around Amarillo... like in people's front yards and under trees in fields.  I don't know.  I guess if I were a helium millionaire (whatever that means) I'd do whatever floated my boat too.

So you may notice that these Cadillacs are entirely covered in graffiti.  Yeah, so ole Stanley encourages people to bring their own spray paint to leave their mark, so to say.  Now while there is one dumpster outside of the gate, there is not a trash can in site around these cars.  Therefore folks just throw their spray cans on the beautiful west Texas farm land.  So this landmark seems pretty trashy to me... litterally.  I wanted to walk around with a trash bag and pick up all the cans, but the smell of spray paint was getting to my head.  It was windy and a few people were leaving their marks on the cars.  There was a woman spraying her kids' names on the hood of one of the cars.  She was doing that while yelling at her kid that he had just stepped in "dog shit."  Nice.  It wasn't even dog shit, it was dried cow manure.  Come on lady, where did you think you were?  The dog park? ha!

Belle was personally offended because she was just there to take in the sight.  She then hightailed it toward the car... pulling us behind her like a sled dog.  I've known for some time now that Belle is "allergic" to the country.  But I thought the "country" was categorized as over grown grass fields in Inola, OK.  Little did I know (until this trip) that Belle considered the farmland of Amarillo as country too.  I think the cars frightened her.  Hell I don't really blame her. They kind of frightened me too.


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  1. Oh my gosh. I just got a little piece of Fran! I love this blog! And I'm so sorry to learn that Belle is allergic to the country.