Saturday, January 2, 2010

COLD & Determined

Today the high is supposed to be 27degrees.  Burrrr!  Earlier Shane was talking to a friend and at that moment the wind chill was 7 degrees.  That's what I said... BUUURRRRRRR!  So needless to say I haven't left the inside of my warm little house all day.  In fact I wouldn't be leaving my warm little house at all today if we didn't have dinner and concert plans with friends.  It's downright COLD outside, no way around it.

So cold that I had Shane go outside and take this picture of our house.  As most of you know, there was quite the blizzard on Christmas Eve here.  This is what our front yard STILL looks like!  I've never lived in a place where the snow doesn't melt the day, if not the hour, after it has fallen.  And as I told Shane this morning, "I'm in love!!"  Yep.  I love the snow!  So. Much.  At this rate, our yard will probably look like this til Spring, and I'm totally loving it!

There's another one of our family members who loves it too.  It's probably because he can stay outside longer than 15 minutes without feeling like he's going to pass out from exasperation... that's right: Brownie.

I looked out the back door window this morning and this is what I saw.  Ol' Brown Dog sitting completely still on the deck.  This is an occurrence that happens very rarely... have I told you he's on O.C.D. meds? Yep.  

And this is what he was gazing at, umm, I mean hunting.  "The Fat Squirrel."  We normally insert an expletive in that title somewhere.  He's fat and he taunts my dogs.  One day Brownie and Belle will catch him.  OR one day Shane will shoot him.  I'm kind of rooting for the latter so that I don't have to come home to a beheaded gift from the dogs one day.  Ewwwww...  

It all starts with brownie looking out the window of the office.  He spots the damn squirrel and trots to the back door, begging to go outside.  I open the door and Brownie waits.  He doesn't want to alert the thing that he's on his way too quickly.  And at the right moment, Brownie darts out the door, down the deck steps, through the gate and points at the tree.  While Brownie is going through these steps, the squirrel scatters his way from where ever he was to the top of one of the pecan trees (as seen above).  

Then the squirrel jumps from the pecan to the red tipped photenias (sp?) and rustles around.  Meanwhile Brownie (and Belle if she is awake and alert) run back and forth along the fence line barking, pointing, and jumping.  We hate this fat squirrel.

Don't we Brown Dog?

This goes on for quite some time.  Then Brownie returns to the deck and turns circles, looking  up in the trees.  Look at that speed.  LOL.  

Brownie was outside in this arctic cold for over an hour this morning.  He doesn't like to give up without a fight.  Damn squirrel.


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