Monday, January 11, 2010

Does it have okra?

Lee's 10am gumbo.

 GUMBO.  Today there was gumbo!!  And, beside Shane's, it was the best damned gumbo I've had since we moved to Oklahoma.  Now Lee has been talking about making gumbo for some time now.  When he says he's going to make it, all I ask is "does it have okra?"  He says, "yes, and chicken and sausage and rice...." And I say, "Good!  I'll eat it!"  It's gotta have the okra.  You're not making gumbo if you're not putting okra in the recipe.  It gives it that good slimy feel.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then  you are missing out.

 Living here is funny to me.  I think the guys at work think I'm a connoisseur of cajun food because I'm from Louisiana.  Now, I make no such claims, I just know what's good and I know good cajun food, man!  If anything makes me miss Louisiana, it's the food.  So thanks, Lee, for thinking of me and bringing your leftover gumbo to work and sharing it with me.  For the few minutes that I was gulping it down, it felt like home.

Lee is on the right.  His alter-ego is on the left, Ron.  Okay, maybe "alter-ego" is taking it a bit far... They like to fight over which one is my friend and which one is Amy's friend.  As if they couldn't be both of our friends at the same time.  While deep inside they are the nicest guys ever, Lee actually brought me gumbo today to make Amy jealous...  It's all in good fun of course... even if Lee isn't allowed to be nice to Amy after noon.  hehe  I don't know about everyone else, but for me and Amy, they make us giggle at their daily goofy bantering... it's all in good fun... until someone gets hurt.  (I had to tell them to look like they liked each other when I took the above picture.)  lol  All joking aside, they both would do anything in the world for one another or for anyone else.  Especially when Lee brings the gumbo.   That stuff starts your day off right!

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