Friday, January 1, 2010


This is my life and the characters in it.

Happy New Year!  Shane and I went to Brookside last night with Tom and Karen.  This is us after the ball drop.  I would post a pic of us with the ball drop, but it wasn't that great nor was it impressive.  This picture however, is one
of the best of us since our wedding day lol.

See, not too impressive.  (The ball dropping is the green thing on the left.)

This is Belle, our English Setter #1.  This is what she does all day, and I was apparently disrupting her while taking this photo.  Yep..... that's our Belle.  She's pretty.  She also claims to be allergic to the country.

This is Brownie, aka Brown Dog.  Brownie is usually blurry because he does NOT stop moving... EVER.  He is our English Setter #2, and unlike his sister, he lives his life to run full force in the country to find birds for his daddy.  Since we don't live in the country, Brownie spends his days pacing the house and brainstorming the demise of the fat squirrel who lives in the backyard and eats all our pecans.

For the most part I will be taking the pictures that appear in my blog posts.  If I didn't take 'em, I'll tell you who did.  If you want to see some awesome pics go here.  :)


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