Friday, January 1, 2010

So I made this...

Braised beef short ribs...

This was the result of my touching them with my fork.  Can we say OMGTENDER!  They literally fell off the bones.

So those naked bones in the pot?  Yep, the meat fell smooth off 'em.

I served them with mashed yellow potatoes and the gravy from the pot.  mmmmmmmmm!

We bought some beef short ribs with my intention to use an awesome recipe by Sean Shannon, the Assistant Director of Culinary Services at the Food Bank.  By the time I finally decided to cook them, I didn't have the recipe cards at home so I googled any recipe that included reducing a bottle of red wine.  And this is what I found: Braised Beef Short Ribs.  Wowza!!  Let's just say I almost made Shane cry, and I almost cried in return when he said it was the best meal I'd ever made him.  That's what I'm talking about!  This was a 2 day process.  Sean's recipe is not.  Which recipe will I probably make in the future? Sean's of course.  I don't think I can take being up until 2 am again waiting for the ribs to cool off so I can marinate them in the fridge over night.



  1. Yay, my friend Fran is blogging! I'm excited, especially since it looks like you're gonna blog about food. Yes!

    Sorry to hear the ball drop wasn't as exciting as it sounded in all the event advertising. Maybe next year?