Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hats & Jammies

I have two subjects to discuss:

I.  Hats
First I have to say that it's freaking cold right now.  Second I have to say that before today, neither of us owned a winter hat.  Yes, that's right.  Now while one of us sits in an office all day long, the other of us makes a living by NOT sitting in an office all day long.  Sooooo, Shane had two goals for himself today... 1. turn in an envelope for free cigars and 2. buy a warm hat for his head.  To justify the fact that he bought a hat for himself, he also bought a hat for moi.  Hey, I like surprise gifts as much as the next girl... especially when they come in my favorite color.  He's good like that.  So the second thing I did when I got home from work today (I'll discuss the first thing I did later) was try on our new hats.  Yes, it's the little things in life that entertain us.  So, we put on our own hats, then took a picture of ourselves with the mac (pictured on the above left).  Then, we swapped each other's hats and took the picture on the right.  Yes, we are dorks... but we are fine with this.  It keeps us laughing.  It keeps us entertained.  It keeps us happy.  So, after establishing the fact that we are dorks, we swapped hats a couple more times and then I began making dinner.

II.  Jammies
My second subject is jammies, aka pajamas, aka p.j.'s.   Again, please take note of the pictures above.  Okay, so today I had quite the conversation with some coworkers at lunch about what we wear when we get home from work.  Outfits ranged from flannel pj's to sweat pants to loungewear.  I was so glad I was not the only one to change into her "jammies" right after work.  Yes, I have been know to run to the back of the house when the doorbell rings at 6pm because I'm already in my pajamas.  Whatev.  So about a year ago with Christmas gift cards to the Gap, I purchased some loungewear consisting of a supersoft crossover hoodie and a pare of supersoft lounge pants ("the pant that has it all: comfort, style, and a slimming silhouette.") in camel color.  This was my feeble attempt to appear as if I had NOT come home from work and immediately put my jammies on, when in fact I actually had.   They are pajamas, but they are not pajamas.... they are loungewear.  :)  ANYWAY.

So when Shane asked me to try on my new hat when I got home from work today, I said, "Hold on a minute, I'll be right back."  Guess what I had to do.  That's right.  So at 5:00pm when the above pictures were taken and we were goofing off before dinner... I was in my jammies... Comfortable, WARM, and Happy.



  1. Totally guilty of changing into pjs right after work. And a lot of the time it's the meximan's pjs that he's got at the apt. So skulls or gingerbread men jammie pants and inappropriate t-shirts like 'come and go truck stop' or 'mamaw's daycare'. There's a lot of class in what I'm wearing most nights! lol

  2. I love your hat pics.