Friday, July 16, 2010

Well hello, Mr. Sandwich!

Today I asked Shane what he was going to have for lunch.  He said he didn't know but that he wanted something light because it's so hot outside and he didn't want to crash mid-afternoon.  Made sense to me.  So I left the office and thought I'd head to our go-to sandwich shop to get two 3-cheese and avocado subs, one 6 inch and one 12 inch.  I thought it would be a nice lunch for such a hot day.  There was a problem though.  When I turned into the sandwich shop's parking lot it was completely packed.  I had left for lunch late and arrived after 12:20.  My mistake.  My bad.  I just rolled through the parking lot and exited immediately, heading to the house, thinking there HAD to be 'something' in the fridge.  Don't we still have some turkey meat and cheese?

Why yes, yes we did.  It was only enough meat for the boy, but I didn't mind.  I put together this scrumptious sandwich of sliced avocados, roma tomatoes, muenster cheese, a lil' mayo and honey oat bread.  Slice it in half (the only way to eat a sandwich), add a side of the sweetest watermelon....

I was kinda glad the sandwich shop was too packed for my business.


  1. Bill & Ruth's at 15th and Lewis???

  2. Bill & Ruth's 3 Cheese and Avacado is my go to as well, but, I'm thinking I'll change to the Fran Express next time. Do you have a drive thru??

  3. You ladies are good. That's the place!

    Hallie, no drive through... Just text me though. :)