Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More. Motivation.

As I was making this life changing spur of the moment decision the other night with Beck, Shane asks me who I'm talking to.  And by "talking to" he meant texting through blackberry with the annoying chiming going off every 10 seconds.  I tell him I'm talking to Beck.  I tell him that we are going to run a half marathon together.

He laughs.
He laughs  more.
He says, "Where are you doing this and when?"
He says, "I bet you're not going to do it."

And with that last sentence I bring up the White Rock Marathon website to pre-register.  Jerk.

I say, "Oh yeah?  How much do you wanna bet?  $50?"
He says, "No, that's not enough.  It's gotta be better than that."

Awesome.  And these thoughts went through my head:  A car?  No, no... Could I get thousands of dollars out of this?  Oooh.  What could I buy with all the cash?   No dummy, thousands is too much.

I say, "Okay, how about 300 bucks?"
He asks why 300 and what was I going to buy with it.

With that the lovely Beck chimes in that I should bet that if i finish he buys me the Le Creuset dishes I've been dreaming about.

"Okay, if I finish, you buy me the Le Creuset dishes.  The red ones."
"How much are they a set?"
"$59.50 for a 4 piece set or 200 for 4 sets."


"If I win I get to buy a new shotgun!"  Oh my love, the hunter.
"If you win I will buy you 8 sets of the dishes."


*Hand Shake*

"Hold on mister, I need to get this in writing.  What did you say again?"

Okay so he threw that last part about Christmas in at the last minute.  But whatever.  Either way I'm not spending any money.  WIN.  haha  I'll be eating Christmas dinner off those dishes!

Now where do I begin with this "training" business???? Gulp.


  1. Well, so, like...that is AWESOME.

  2. Actually I think I upped the anty to 8 sets. What the heck kind of shotgun can I get for $200? Not much.

  3. Go kick butt Fran!! and win your fancy dishes.. lol

  4. Are you sure you just want 8 place settings? Might want to up that to 12 for family gatherings. These will be your keepsake dishes so you need to think of posterity!

  5. Mrs. G... would you mind talking the man into that? :)