Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Motivation... I'm scared.

Picture this.  Three years ago you were at your peak fitness level of your life.  You were lean and strong and most importantly you felt great about yourself.  Over the next three years you quit everything.  You eat what you want.  You know what has happened.  So you join a gym as a New Years resolution.  Yes, it's lame, everybody does it... but why not give it a try.  So you join a gym near your house in hopes that the shear vicinity will encourage you to be more active.   You download the Couch to 5K podcast and play it when you're on the treadmill.  4 weeks into it you get bored.  You take a break.  You start your own couch to whatever program when your ipod stops working.  You get bored.  You take a break... a long break.  You join an online fitness magazine program for encouragement.  You get motivated and start working out again.  You start a little weight lifting.  You run some but never very far and never for longer than 30 minutes but you feel like you could work yourself up to a longer run.  You take a 2 week break after getting one of those dang summer allergy/ colds...

Okay, let's bring it to semi-present time.  I'm wanting to get motivated to work out again but lack the.... well, motivation.  It's a Monday evening.  I've worked all day.  I'm tired.  I get home and grab the newly found game boy for a quick game of Tetris.  That's right.  Retro style.  I get a blackberry message from Beck the baker.  :)  I love getting bbm's from Beck.  They usually lighten my day.  And who doesn't love hearing from their awesome friends?  Her message simply says, "Hey-- do you want to run a half with me on Dec 5?"

I get butterflies in my tummy instantly and I respond, "Where? And I would LOVE to!"

WHAT THE HELL.  Did I just say I'd "love" to run 13 miles?  When on earth have I ever run that far?  I'll tell you where.  NOWHERE.  ummmm....

Fran, "Define 'half' please."

Beck,"Half marathon...13.1"

Fran, "Oh my...How do you train for that business?  Because I've sat on my ass for the last three weeks. Is that a good start?"

And with that we started planning our overtake of the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  What's that?  Did you ask what our goal is?  Oh, okay... it's to run the entire thing.  Truthfully, just thinking about it makes me go half numb, half serious butterflies in the tummy.

Fran, what were  you thinking????!  Well here are the thoughts that quickly went through my head when she asked me that simple question.

  •  "Half marathon?"
  • "Run with Beck?"
  • "Awesome.  Okay!"
And that's it really.  I was looking for a lil' old motivation and it presented itself right in front of me.  

I'm scared.

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  1. We will rock The Rock... and I'll never forget the butter again.