Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'll Take Two Satisfaction Tacos Please

We live in a place that offers an amazing choice of authentic (really) mexican food restaurants.  Needless to say I've grown a healthy appetite for some Mexican food.  If I'm not careful I might find myself eating cheese and onion enchiladas and fish tacos every day of my LIFE.  I love them so much.  So.  Much.  When we're bored with cooking and I'm craving some fish tacos... okay this happens quite regularly... I find myself at El Rio Verde.

It may be a little hole in the wall, but by golly if it's not completely packed if you go at key eating times.  You know, the lunch and the dinner.  This is why I eat dinner at 5:30 at El Rio Verde.  To beat the crowd.

I've had the wet burrito that made them famous.  Do people still say "it's the bomb!"??  Well if they did, I might say that about the wet burrito.  Pretty amazing stuff.  And given the fact that it's bigger than my face, I'm not ashamed to say I've managed to put a whole one down all by myself.  It's THAT GOOD.  It wasn't soon after that occurrence that I realized it wasn't necessary to eat burritos that are larger than my forearm.

I've had friends who used to order fish tacos when I lived in Louisiana.  I thought they were crazy.  Why order a taco if it doesn't have meat?  Well I know why.  Because it can be the most amazing thing you've ever put in your mouth.  And they are not all the same.

These are El Rio Verde's fish tacos.  They are the simplest fish tacos I've come across that don't incorporate seasoning that catches my mouth on fire.  They are rather pleasant fish tacos.  Can food be pleasant?  They are $2.50 each.  I don't even look at the menu anymore.  They are simply breaded white fish, fried to perfection and covered with cabbage and guacamole sauce, served with green salsa.  That green salsa may be my favorite part.  I dip every single bite into that green salsa.  And the cabbage?  Well it adds just enough sweet to the guacamole sauce and salsa combo.

I took this picture when I was on my blogging hiatus.  But I did just eat this meal not 2 and a half hours ago.  I think they ran out of the guacamole sauce, but the  substituted real guac tasted just as good and the green salsa....  ahhhhhhhh.  Satisfaction.


  1. Please tell me we will eat these together at some point in our friendship.

  2. We will eat these together at some point in our friendship. :)

  3. Okay, I want to take a nap in those tacos.

  4. Tasha, you are too funny. If food could be classified as comfy, I think these tacos would qualify. LOL

  5. Oh that is one our very fav places for lunch, dinner, Sunday dinner...anything...Yummy!

  6. Whenever we mention going out to eat is it bad that the first place I think about is El Rio Verde?