Monday, February 1, 2010

News Flash! Extreme Home Eats Neighbor's House!

This White house is right next door to the Extreme Home.  Wait, it's not just right next door to it, it's like a foot away from it.  In fact it's almost like the Extreme Home is slowly eating up the craftsman home...

And it's gone!  Where did it go?  You can barely see the peak.  Oh yeah, this monstrocity is sitting on top of it. 

It's sad to me that this huge house is sitting on top of it's petite 1920's neighbors.  I feel like South Tulsa just plunked itself ontop of my neighborhood, ouch. 


  1. Ew. I had no idea.

    I wonder, has anyone talked to that neighbor?

    Still, hard not to be grateful. Just wish a good architect could have been part of the team.

  2. Yeah. I think I've made my feeling clear on this subject. Ugh.