Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have you ever hit the Sonic order station with your car?

I'm calling this thing the "order station"...
Sonic.  Yes, you all know what Sonic is... I'm hoping.  Have you noticed lately how many of the order stations have apparently been smashed by cars?  Or is it just me?  It seams like 3 out of the last 5 times I've been to Sonic I've had to back out of my original spot and re-park my car in a different spot because the original spot had been hit by a car and was inoperable.  And apparently my beloved Sonic doesn't believe in "out of order" signs.  This has happened to me in more than one city.  

So there is a Sonic about a minute and a half from my work.  So today Shane suggested I pick up some lunch and bring it home so we could eat together.  I was all over it.  I love me a cherry coke!  So I pull into a spot, and the above photo is what I saw.  I was sort of shocked.  It was in surprisingly good shape and (shock!) it worked!  However, I do not think this order station has ever gone  unscathed... notice the weird dent in a place where a weird dent would seem hard to place.  Yeah, weird.  

So what...what do people do?  Do they just totally not pay attention and ram their cars into the Sonic property because they don't care?  Oh yeah.... prolly so...

So you would think that after so much frustration with out of order stations I would give up.  Today I asked myself why I keep going there.  

And then I remembered...

It's the dang SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito with Tots and a Cherry Coke.  I've started ordering the breakfast burrito with no onions because I got tired of picking them out.  lol.  The jalapenos are yummy. The whole thing (even though I can't finish it ever) hits the spot for me.  It's prolly because I heart breakfast ALL THE TIME.  And Sonic, no matter how crappy their property can be at times, I will never be able to give it up.

P.S.  I do NOT eat at Sonic everyday.  I don't even eat there once a week.  I just know about it... from experience. :)


  1. Well hopefully your Sonic is better than mine and gives marinara sauce with their cheese sticks ;)

  2. Were you there when we were kicked out of the sonic in Shreveport?


  3. I had to call the company because I got a hot dog once that tasted like the cologne the cook put on. Gross. But ya know, I gave it all another chance because it tastes a little more real than other fast food. The burgers taste like burgers did when I was kid. ~Noma

  4. LOL! Yes, Jared, I was there! Man I remember that like it was yesterday!

  5. Did my Jared ever tell you about the time they hit the top with the ambulance? I love me some Sonic...sometimes I go at happy hour for a drink and when I go to order mozzarella sticks accidentally comes out of my mouth =)

  6. Oh Becky... NO, I hadn't heard that one! What a sad day...
    yeah, those darned mozzarella sticks tend to unpredictably come out of my mouth when ordering too! lol

  7. I can only imagine it was the large wild game roaming around up there...(large wild game exist everywhere 50 miles outside of Shreveport!), headbutting the panels out of desperation for tots. Or, trying to provide a PSA to warn others about fast food. Who am I kidding?! Lol...I admittedly was in the Taco Bell drive thru two weeks ago..sigh..Sonic is far better! :)