Sunday, February 21, 2010

Egg in a hole? YES PLEASE!

Something amazing that I had never experienced before I met shane was a simple little dish called "egg in a hole."  I'm a big fan of breakfast food.  I may be the biggest fan of breakfast food.  I love me some breakfast!  Hey, have I told  you how much I like breakfast?  oh yeah... So I could eat eggs for almost every meal...

So this is egg in a hole.  Have you ever seen something so delish?  I don't think you have.

How the heck do you make egg in a hole and what is it?  Well first you take a piece of bread, then you take a drinking glass (or round cookie cutter), then you push the rim of the glass in the middle of the piece of bread to create the hole.  Then  you can either spread some butter on both sides of the bread or put some vegetable oil in a pan.  The vegetable oil makes it more crunchy.  Crunchy=YUM.  So you put the bread in a pan over some heat.  Think grilled cheese, you don't want to burn it.  Then you crack an egg open into the hole in the bread.  Now, think fried egg.  You want to flip it over when appropriate.  I love the runny yolk... you can dip the crunchy bread in it on the plate, like above.  Totally one of the best things in life.

Shane says he can flip the egg in the hole with his mind, but I wouldn't listen to him if I were you.  He also says he  has perfected the art of Egg In A Hole.  This I will agree with.  It's the perfect weekend morning breakfast.


  1. I grew up eating this same thing...except we called it "toad in the hole"---not really sure why though haha. I've also heard it called "bird in the nest," but "egg in the hole" is by far the most exact description for a name :) yummm!

  2. The art to Egg in the Hole is taught by Don Turnbow on campouts with the Royal Ambassadors at FBC Richardson... that man could cook 200 egg in the holes at a time... a genius that man. ;0

  3. What kind of plates are those. i like the pattern. It looks like the MS ones we got at Macy's

  4. haha, Laurie they are Land's End. I'm not sure what the pattern is...

  5. Yeah, we called it a "hole in one." not sure why - I agree, "Egg in the Hole" actually makes sense.