Friday, October 12, 2012

Meat Pays.

We were privileged to attend a tail gating party yesterday that included a chili cook-off.  In this case we voted with money...and some voted early and often.  :)  All proceeds benefited the Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission or REMM.

This is the winner.  Clearly.  You see those big hunks of MEAT?  They're in there.
Chili photo by Paul McEntire via Instagram.

A little intro:  I love vegetarians, some of my favorite people are vegetarians.  And I know that you are not angry people.  Usually my favorite people aren't the angry type.

But we met one yesterday that proved to be the opposite, and the only cause we could come up with was that she hasn't had enough meat in her life.  When a vegetarian contender of a chili contest (in Oklahoma) gets angry because they didn't win...well it's quite entertaining. We were questioned on when the last time we had a decent source of Vitamin A was.  Do you know?  (We happened to have a healthy dose in 2 of our last 3 meals just so you know.)  There were also avocados accompanying the veggie chili, which apparently was the root cause of why the cook couldn't afford to vote with more cash.  :)  Did I forget to mention that this particular contender was a college student?   

So a little further research was done and it turns out the top 3 sources of Vitamin A are as follows:
#1.  MEAT, most specifically liver, but we'll stop there.
#2.  Chili Peppers
#3.  Sweet Potatoes 

There ya have it.  In the defense of Vitamin A...Meat really does pay!

P.S.  If this is not funny to you, I'm sorry.  I meant no harm, just fun commentary.  :)

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