Thursday, August 26, 2010

DESSERT. nuf said.

I had to work tonight.  It was a three-course work night.  And this was the last course... dessert.  I'm going to call it Chef Doyle's Dessert. 

Dessert is my favorite.  Especially when it involves chocolate mouse filled cones. 

And a peach torte on chocolate ganache with a fried orchid on top and strawberry paint.  Yes, I said "fried orchid."  As in the flower.  Yes I said "strawberry paint."  As in the yummy red stuff underneath all that goodness. 

And this was the aftermath.  I so wanted to finish that peach torte but I just couldn't.  Man I wanted to though.  While the first 2 courses were wonderful, this dessert was like fireworks!


  1. Please send one of these with Shane to 51st & Yale on Monday. Thanks.

  2. It would never make it there! ha!

  3. Oh my WOW. That is the craziest dessert I've ever seen. But I totally wanna try it.