Saturday, August 14, 2010


Friday at about 10 in the morning, I made a split second decision.

I was driving to downtown Dallas to surprise a friend.  You see, my dearest friend Audra is in Dallas for a girls' weekend with her mom.  Audra and Rebecca have kept in touch since they met at our wedding and were planning on getting together for drinks  Friday night.  So I decided to show up on the fly.  Rebecca was in on the surprise, Audra had no clue.
This is Audra.  This is Audra after she regained her composure.  When I walked into the place, she looked at me, turned her head, then looked again.  Just stared at me.  Completely blank.  For about 10 whole seconds.  It was awesome.  Then she exploded with excitement.  

We later met for some of these.
And shared one of these.  

It was pretty much epic.  

Love you ladies!