Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weirdo. Dawg.

We have a family of four you see.  Two people and two dogs.  This ratio of human to dog works for us right now.  It's what we prefer really.  You see, right now, I can leave for 4 hours, crate the dogs, come home and not go to jail for leaving my dogs in a crate by themselves.  It doesn't quite work that way with kids does it?

Sometimes our dogs do crazy things.  For instance, Brownie likes to spin circles mid air while he's running to the back door if you ask him, "Brownie,  you wanna go out?"  I wish I got the same kind of high from going outside that Brownie does.

Sometimes, okay most of the time, Belle likes to lay down.  That's right.  That's her thing.  Laying down.  Sometimes we have to lock her out of our room where her bed is just so she will do something else besides lay down.  The other day while we were training our dog-sitter/ house-sitter/ beautician/ assistant (don't ask) on what to expect while she was dog-sitting the other weekend, I heard a weird scratching sound.  Belle was locked out of her room at this point mind you...

So I walk to the back of the house to find this:
Belle in a laundry basket.  She freely climbed inside, you guessed it, to LAY DOWN.  Oy.  There was like 2 pillow cases in the bottom of which she was ruffling around to make a comfy "bed."  Why must they embarrass me so?  

Like I said, WEIRDO.  

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  1. awe.. they all have their lil quirks! Archi still likes to prop himself up on pillows like the Queen of Sheba. and Douille insists on unmaking the bed (every morning) and crawling back under the blankets. Poor Belle was just trying to wiggle herself back into her comfort zone! The laundry basket was just the next best thing!