Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lovely Landscapes

Because it's the first day of Spring, and because there's a blizzard outside and because I'm cuddled up inside in my flannels with a cup of hot chocolate... I'm going to talk about what we got yesterday.

First, let me introduce you to Wade Jones:
Wade is a  buddy of ours who is the owner of Greenstreet Landscapes in Tulsa.  Wade isn't just any landscaper.  As you can tell by his website project galleries, Wade takes ho-hum landscaped yards, and puts a little creative energy into the end all project.  He makes his work really stand out.  He's super creative, and totally understands the environment and what will grow and survive in what light and setting.  He knows everything about trees and plants and if you have any doubt of what to put in a certain place, Wade can give you a suggestion.  And you will end up with something that is truly unique.  I'm really not aware of anybody else who could create a complete oasis out of nothing like he can.  The after pics on the website were shot by mine truly.  Wade has helped us over the past year with taking an overgrown, neglected yard into a place that is uniquely beautiful and that we enjoy.  

So here's my story about what we got yesterday:

Shane laid some sod in our mini-backyard last spring.  Then the dogs created this chic pathway leading from our deck to the dog's backyard.  It's quite beautiful isn't it... I do hope you're sensing the sarcasm.  This picture was taken in the Fall... and after this harsh, wet winter, this pathway became much wider and much muddier.  

So to help prevent muddy dog footprints in my house, our yard had a little makeover yesterday, the day before Spring.

This isn't part of the makeover, but look at how thick my lamb's ear already is.  If you think you would like some of this in  your own garden, let me know!  I will be thinning it out soon (after the snow melts). It's so care free, you don't even have to water it after you transplant it.  It will grow like wild fire and look awesome.  


 So yesterday, the day before Spring, we had a lil' project going on... Installing a sandstone pathway.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, 71 degrees and all sunshiney.  

And when I came home from work, this is what I found.  A freshly watered down and grass seeded pathway.  Wade seeded the entire  yard and the dirt in the pathway with grass, so it will grow and become less muddy and more luscious.  

We're really happy with this path and can't wait for the grass to grow.

Wade also just finished a complete overhaul of our neighbors' flower beds.  If you're thinking about doing a project in your yard this spring and don't know where to start... consider Greenstreet Landscapes.  He is great to work with and provides great results.  

Now, on this first day of Spring, lemme go find my snow shovel....

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