Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easy Schmeezy Beautiful...GUACAMOLE!

I love guac!! Yep.  I love to order the overpriced guacamole at any mexican restaurant we visit.  AND.  I love to make it at home for much, much cheaper.  You can buy one avocado for 50 cents at the grocery store after all!

So when I sought out to find the best guacamole recipe I found all kinds of interesting concoctions.  I never knew you could make it in so many ways.... to be honest the whole "making it at home" thing is a pretty recent discovery of mine.  Anyway.  So all the recipes consisted of avocados but the rest of the ingredients varied.  Here are a few random ingredients from some different guacamole recipes:  salsa, sour cream, chilies, cilantro (LOVE cilantro!), cumin, onions, that crazy powder mix at the grocery store... I could go on and on.  You know what?  The best guac I've made to date, I made up myself.  And you know what else?  It has 3 ingredients.  Yep.  3.

Ingredient #1:  2 Avocados

ice cream! ha!  just kidding....

Ingredient #2:  1 Roma tomato, diced

Ingredient #3:  Garlic Salt.

The process is all very easy.  First cut the avocados around in half, twist the two halves apart and then spoon the seed out.  I also read some crazy stuff about whacking the seed with a sharp knife, but I'm not crazy.  Then spoon the avocado out of the skin and into a bowl.  I just use a cereal bowl.  Then get your fork and mash the avocados til they're kinda creamy.  Then add the diced Roma tomato to the mashed avocados.  Keep mixing with that trusty fork.  Then take the Garlic Salt and sprinkle it over the mixture until it's lightly dusted, I'd say about 1/2 a Tablespoon if you're the measuring type.  You can add more or less garlic salt to your taste.  You want just enough for it to bring out the wonderfulness of the avocados...  

That's some guacamole!  It's really the easiest version I've found.  It's easy and oh so fresh.  There's not so many ingredients that you lose sight of what you're eating.  :)  But there are enough ingredients to make you appreciate each and every one of them.  Hello, avocados, your garlicy friend makes you taste so goooooood.  Hello, Roma, I love your color and texture....

And I'm done!  You should always be done when  you start talking to your food...


  1. Yum! Have to say I'm a sucker for lime juice in mine. But garlic salt sounds like a super easy way to salt and give flavor. Awesome idea, Frannie!

    Oh and the knife vs. avocado pit trick really works too. Just make sure to hold the avocado with a kitchen towel that's been folded over several times to protect yr hand and give the pit a firm whack with the blade! lol

  2. Our fav!
    You're going to have to try avocado ice cream next. It's an awesome summer desert. Google it!
    Most avocados in our house end up eaten with a liberal sprinkling of Tony's and a spoon. Also totally jealous of a 50 'cados, they're like 2.50 each in Ohio. : ) -nobis