Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pride comes in weird packages...

Today I went with my co-worker, Amy, to make some tough decisions... pick out table linens for an upcoming fundraising luncheon.  I love that kind of stuff, she hates it... a perfect match!

So Amy is driving us back to the office (not sure if you want to call it "driving" or terrorizing others on the road?  I was scared.) and I look up after covering my face in horror and I see this:
At first I couldn't really comprehend what it was.  A really bad paint job?  A weird glair from the sun?  
Nope.  Look closer.  It's an old Honda Civic transformed into a New Orleans Aints, woops I mean SAINTS shrine!  (Sorry about that slip, for so many years...)


Can you make it out yet?  Yep, that back window is devoted to the lovely Drew Brees.  In fact a portion of the side of the car is too... right next to the ginormous fleur de lis.  Did you know the Saints won the Super Bowl?  Well this guy does!  And he lives to let you know.  I'm thinking it is the result of some sort of bet?  How much you wanna bet that's what it is?  ;)

For a brief moment I thought I was in Louisiana again.  This is totally something a crazy cajun would do.    Or a crazy redneck... you pick.  It made me laugh.  It made me proud.  Is it weird that something so crazy can give you a strong sense of pride?  

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  1. when i read pride i was expecting rainbows... but, yeah, this dude totally lost a bet