Monday, September 27, 2010

The Co-Op.

We recently joined a local food co-op.  Every week we get an email with a list of different bags of food to choose from.  There's usually a meat bag, a produce bag, and a breakfast bag.  When you get the email you either opt in or opt out for that week.

A few weeks ago we got a bag of meat.  This week we got a bag of produce.  And a couple of nights ago we had our first fully organic meal from the co-op.

Umm... YUM YUM!!!  That there is grilled steak, mashed sweet potatoes, and steamed sweet peas.  

Love it when a meal comes together like that!  Now what the heck do you do with bok choy?!


  1. Ooo! Which co-op?

    Do you think you'd wanna write a post for TDT about this? I've had lots and lots of questions about it. Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Natural Farms. Sure! I would love to do that!

  3. Bok Choy...lightly steam, saute or stir fry...We used to heat up a skillet on a med. high heat at Columbia, with a little bit of olive oil and saute baby bok choy as a side dish. I like to add a drop or two of sesame oil and fresh ginger. If it's big, chop it up into smaller pieces, or steam it and use it as a wrap or bowl to add all kinds of things: spicy meat or seafood, sprouts, other veg..It's cabbage basically, but more delicate. Add it to your favorite Asian dish. Ooh those peas would go well with it and they look fabulous! Lucky, lucky Tulsans! :) Your pictures are beautiful by the way!